Rabbit Hash the Movie Rabbit Hash - The center of the universe
What Kind of People, in what kind of town in America would elect a DOG as their Mayor?
This is a true story...trust us, we couldn't make this stuff up!

Rabbit Hash the center of the universe

Rabbit Hash the movie on DVD
A new documentary Feature Film.

Rabbit Hash is an off-beat and charming documentary feature that focuses on A piece of Americana that just doesn’t much exist much anymore.  A small Kentucky town where everyone knows everyone pulls together through fires, Floods, births and deaths and just happened to have enough of sense of humor About themselves to elect a DOG named “GOOFY” as their mayor! 

wynonna judd

Featuring the real town of RABBIT HASH, Kentucky AND a special appearance By Country Music Superstar, WYNONNA JUDD.

Rabbit Hash News:

There has been lots of development this year.  Pitching shows, developing feature film projects with my Caddo Street Productions producing partner, David Abbitt.  I’ve produced a number of shows this year as well as several proof of concept presentation pilots for a variety of networks and companies, including my own.


Keep checking back for information on airdates, upcoming projects, project needs and more information on me than you’d ever need to know! 


The documentary feature film Rabbit Hash -Center of the Universe (www.rabbithashthemovie.com) that I directed and wrote as well as produced with my producing partners Dave Thies and Chris Carrington, continues to make great progress.  We were the distributors most rented film on NETFLIX for the months of September and October of 2005, and it continues to get rave reviews as it pops up in various screenings around the country.  So please GO TO NETFLIX RENT IT AND RATE IT!  the more feedback we get the more the word gets out!

Animal Planet then bought an hour long TV special from my production company (LifeLike Entertainment) based on the movie! Mayor Dog is an updating of sorts of the film which documented the wacky but very true story of a small Kentucky town that actually elected a DOG as its mayor!  The comedy TV special (Mayor Dog) follows the new dog mayor of Rabbit Hash, a black lab named JUNIOR as he and his West Wing like team mount a county-wide goodwill RV tour designed to bring awareness to animal and human causes.

Mayor Dog premiered on Animal Planet in NOVEMBER 2006 and was narrated by the very funny BEN STEIN.   Check your local listings for reruns, and write the folks at Animal Planet and ask them to play it again!

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Rabbit Hash Reviews:

**** (Four stars...Highest rating!)
       "worthy of Oscar Consideration"
                                 Todd David Schwartz
                                 CBS Radio

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Rabbit Hash (The Center of the Universe)


         Jude Gerard Prest
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